A visual thinker is in essence a storyteller. As you create your visuals you are in some respects telling a story about your concepts, ideas and about the solutions to the problems you face. Storytelling is therefore a critical skill that we must all develop if we desire to become great visual thinkers. 

Storytelling is also relevant when communicating your message to others. However, in this context it’s not so much about telling stories, it’s rather about learning how to communicate these stories using the most ideal visual thinking tools, elements and techniques. For instance, telling stories verbally, and also sharing them visually in the form of pictures, charts, graphs and metaphors can add incredible depth and clarity to your message.

You will learn more about how to develop your storytelling skills by reading the following articles:

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Everything you read here is part of ongoing research and experimentation within the visual thinking arena. The goal is to create a comprehensive framework for visual thinking that encapsulates creativity, problem solving and critical thinking skills. Your comments, ideas and suggestions are most welcome.