Founded in August 2011, Visual Thinking Magic is designed to help you revolutionize the way you think and solve life’s most difficult problems using unique visual thinking tools, techniques and strategies that are built upon a solid visual thinking framework.

The Remarkable Properties of Visual Thinking

Through the application of specific visual thinking techniques and strategies you will improve your ability to think more critically and creatively about the events and circumstances in your life. This will likewise lead you to generate better and more innovative ideas to the challenges you face, thusly improving your ability to make more effective decisions, and subsequently enhancing your chances of success in any field of endeavor.

Visual Thinking will provide you with the platform you need to overcome information overload , confusion and overwhelm — resulting from poor thinking habits, while providing you with practical ways to overcome roadblocks that are preventing you from accomplishing your goals and objectives.

An Unfair Competitive Advantage

Visual Thinking is the next evolutionary step along the journey towards maximizing your fullest potential as a creative being. It is designed with the intention to shift your perspective and understanding of your world and subsequently provide you with an unfair competitive advantage in both a business environment and in life.

Whether you’re a business professional, student, life coach, leader, manager or simply have a desire to gain the most from your innate abilities to think visually, than Visual Thinking Magic is the solution you have been waiting for.

The Visual Thinking Journey

This site isn’t designed to simply provide you with a list of visual thinking techniques and strategies. Instead its purpose is to take you on a journey through the process and framework of visual thinking that will help you to dramatically shift your understanding of your world and the circumstances that are shaping your life.

The articles, videos and audios found here will provide you with both a macro overview as well as a micro view of the dynamics and interchanging elements of the visual thinking process. Furthermore, case studies and practical examples will give you the reference material you need to start applying these visual thinking practices into your own life and business.

Ongoing Research and Development

The process of visual thinking is as much of a journey for me as it is for you. I’m testing, experimenting, making mistakes and transforming the process as I make my way along this journey. In fact, everything you see here is a work in progress — like an experimental lab that’s testing the viability of numerous elements that help improve how we think and solve problems on a daily basis.

All this experimentation is being built around a solid visual thinking framework that is being used as a platform to help provide you with the foundations you need to apply visual thinking into any and every area of your life and business as quickly and easily as possible.

Some experiments will obviously go haywire, while others will become resounding successes. It’s all just a part of the experimentation process — a process that has led to remarkable scientific discoveries over the course of hundreds of years. Whether, this turns out to be one of them, is not the right question to ask. The right question to ask is whether it has the potential to help you to transform your business and life in remarkable ways. And the answer to that question is a resounding, YES!

Because the focus is on experimentation, your feedback and suggestions are highly valued and appreciated. Please therefore feel free to comment under each post and provide us with your views and opinions on how we can help build the visual thinking framework to better serve your needs.

Why Visual Thinking Magic?

  • What is the connection between visual thinking and magic?
  • Why are we using magic as a metaphor for visual thinking?

To learn the answers to these questions and more, please read the article that explores the connection between visual thinking and magic.

I’m a Beginner… Where Do I Start?

If you’re a visual thinking novice, than it’s important you gain a solid background and understanding of the visual thinking process before launching into practical examples. If this sounds like you, than please view the visual thinking archive page where you will find all articles listed under helpful and relevant categories.

Who Produces this Content?

Visual Thinking Magic was launched in August 2011 by Adam Sicinski (qualified life coach) who is the founder of a unique visual learning tool known as an IQ Matrix. Adam is also the creator of an all-encompassing life coaching / self-improvement chart that explores the psychology of success and achievement. For more information about this chart, please see the MasterMind Matrix.

Read more about Adam Sicinski.

How to Receive Updates?

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Visual Thinking Magic also has a dedicated Facebook page where the latest visual and creative thinking news and updates are posted on a weekly basis.

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