Creative Think

Creative thinking is the process we use to generate new ideas, products, services and innovations. It is essentially the act of changing, reapplying, merging and combining seemingly unrelated things in unique ways in order to pave the way forward to new inventions, concepts and processes. 

Creative thinking is one’s ability to invent something new, unique, surprising and useful. It is the process of seeing something very different compared with how it has been seen in the past. Moreover, it is the act of making random combinations and associations that lead to breakthrough discoveries that add value to people’s lives.

Creative thinking requires periods of questioning, brainstorming, playing and self-reflection. It needs time to sprout and grow, yet can come quickly at a moments notice with a little imagination and inspiration.

Creativity is also an attitude you project out into the world that is flexible, adaptive, playful, optimistic, curious and resourceful. It is an attitude that suspends judgement, sees problems as opportunities, challenges assumptions and perseveres despite the obstacles standing in its way.

Creative Thinking and Visual Thinking

In many ways creative thinking is visual thinking taking physical form.

A creative person is a visual person, using visuals to create new concepts, ideas and possibilities. They create in their imaginations, and then bring to life on paper using their visualizations.

Creative thinking is intertwined into the skeletal structure of the visual thinking framework. It will support how you think, perceive the world, solve problems and generate new ideas. It is the fabric that makes visual thinking possible, and it is the thinking tool you will use to turn your problems upside-down, inside-out and out-of-sight.

More information about creative thinking will be provided in due time.