The Science of Visual Thinking

The science behind the process of how we see our world is as miraculous as it is mysterious. Today we know a great deal about how the visual thinking processing system in the brain works, and yet we are still perplexed and bewildered by its complexity. Within this article I will attempt to unlock some of these elements by digging into how we process the world visually on a daily basis.

This is not a glorious article that will transform your life beyond your wildest dreams, nor is the next article I will post on the site. However, what both of these articles do, is they help you gain an understanding of the brain and how we perceive the world. Knowing this information is not necessary to reap the benefits of visual thinking, however it is worthwhile understanding as you move along your journey towards becoming a better visual thinker.

How We Process the World

Every second of the day our eyes are exposed to millions of visual signals that enter the retina as photons of light. These photons are converted into electrical impulses and are passed along the optic nerve into the left and right hemispheres of the brain. 10% of these signals end up reaching the superior colliculus located atop the brain stem/Reptilian brain which is responsible for the fight or flight response — controlling our reactions to fear. These signals are subsequently transferred to the pulvinar nucleus where they begin the first stage of processing.

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Visual Thinking: What to Expect…

Today I would like to outline what kind of content you can expect to receive on Visual Thinking Magic in the coming weeks and months.

Please however keep in mind that even though I have a very definite and deliberate plan for the structure of the content, things may change and divert in interesting directions as I start to gain feedback from readers and begin to work through the visual techniques and strategies.

Building the Foundations

Over the next few weeks and maybe months I will post foundational visual thinking topics that will provide you with all the background information you will need to prepare yourself to begin working visually on solving problems, generating ideas and making more effective decisions.

Most of these posts will be written and illustrated in a similar fashion to the first blog post that outlined the benefits of visual thinking.

The topics will provide you with a solid foundation for visual thinking, and will hopefully also help you shift your perspective of what’s possible to achieve if you apply visual thinking principles into your daily life.

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The Benefits of Visual Thinking

Have you ever wondered why I’m such a big proponent of visual thinking? Or considered how visual thinking could help you specifically in your life or career?

Well if this sounds like you, then I hope that this article will help answer these questions.

The Core Benefits of Visual Thinking

Learning to think visually has many incredible advantages for your life, business and career. However, I don’t want to list all the advantages here. Instead, I would like to ask you a few important questions:

Have you ever wanted to…

  • Enhance your creativity and generate better ideas?
  • Solve problems quickly and easily?
  • Improve your decision making ability?
  • Improve your clarity of thought?
  • Improve your communication skills of key concepts and ideas?
  • Enhance your memory, retention and comprehension?
  • Strengthen your focus and attention?
  • Simplify complex ideas?
  • Save time and enhance productivity?
  • Save money and increase profits?
  • Boost your levels of intelligence?
  • Have more fun while working and solving problems?

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