Case Study: Visualizing Your Options

Today I would like to provide you with a quick case study of how visual thinking was applied to a tough decision that one of my life coaching clients was trying to work through. Her name is Emma (not her real name), and we are going to look at how to go about visualizing your options.

Emma’s Current Reality

Emma worked at the head-office of a large food distributor earning a good living. However, Emma was at a point in her career where she felt as though things were stagnating. She wasn’t growing, didn’t feel challenged and the passion she once had for her work was no longer there. However, the job she had provided her with great financial security and stability, so-much-so that pretty much every physical possession she had in her life came as a direct result from sticking with this career path for over 15 years. In short, she was comfortable, but not very fulfilled.

Emma’s Desired Reality

She often spoke with me about her childhood dreams of owning her own restaurant and breaking free from the corporate world. She absolutely loved the idea of owning a restaurant and spent many weekends studying and researching the business. However, she never took the plunge because she understood the risks and the commitment required to make this move.

One day an opportunity came up. She started dating a guy whose sister (Michelle) had the same aspirations. Over a period of several weeks they talked about their aspirations and finally decided to take the plunge and start their own restaurant.

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