Meet VizWiz: The Visual Thinking Wizard

Today I would like to take just a little bit of your time to introduce you to VizWiz.

VizWiz is a visual thinking magician, however he prefers to be called a wizard. He tells me that once you have mastered the process of visual thinking that you naturally get promoted from magician status to wizard status. I don’t know what to say. He’s the one who makes up all the rules. 😉

VizWiz, aka “Visual Thinking Wizard”, was originally a light-bulb. In the true sense of the word he was a manifestation of an idea that took shape as a result of the visual thinking process. Subsequently this “idea” eventually took a life of its own, called itself a Visual Thinking Wizard and now lives with one purpose — to help you become a visual thinking magician.

From this moment forth, as we continue to work through the visual thinking process, VizWiz will be there to assist us along this journey. He will help explain a variety of visual thinking concepts, be there when we’re working through problems, and guide us towards finding the solutions we’re after. However, VizWiz won’t be doing this alone.

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